James Lee

Mateus V. de Carvalho

Head of IT

Converting coffee and some code into cool things =)

About Me

Head of IT at Tarion-Beck Fintech.

I started my career working with management and maintenance of on-premise infrastructure (Network, Windows, SCCM, AD, Thin Clients, and Helpdesk) for a brazillian industry when I was 19. A year or two later I started to study about software development and decided to change my career path to be an Android developer.

Today I can't remember when was the last time a wrote a line of code for an Android application. For the past 7 years I have changed my "current job" several times, as a software developer, then as a devOps, then as a architect, and finally as head of IT =]

Recently I've started to write some articles about software development, devOps and cloud. After years acquiring experience and knowledge it's time to contribute to the community.

If I must to choose a stack I prefer to work with, it will probably be Node.JS, AWS and Angular. No preferences between SQL or NoSQL for the databases.

Some Projects

Argo Mobile

Argo Mobile - Argo Solutions

Mobile solution for the Argo Gestão de Viagens (portuguese title for Argo Travel Management)

Argo Gestão de Viagens (Argo Travel Management) is a fully featured system for large companies and agencies manage everything related to their travels (OBT, Expense Management, etc.). Many worldwide agencies and companies (like Petrobras and FIAT) uses the system as the main software as information provider to their customers and employees.

I worked in many different parts of the software. Starting with the entire Android and iOS App re-development, then helped to improve the expense managment system.

Expense Mobi

Expense Mobi - Web and Android

This project solves one of the most common problems for a lot of brazilian companies at 2015: costs reduction and expenses management! The Expense Mobi is a system that provides ability to control and manage companies costs and expenses reports.

The product was built based on previous version (Expense Mobility), but the project was developed from zero using an approach to microservices and parallelism. The front-end uses AngularJS and some APIs, Android and iOS apps uses native programming, and the back-end uses JavaEE, SQLServer, and was hosted on AWS (EC2, LB, Route53, S3, RDS).


Mobllet - Web and Android App

Mobllet is a loyalt platform that helps companies to manage points/scores of your customers based on geolocation data. The project was built on PHP (Later migrated to Java), AngularJS and Android, uses Amazon Web Services for database (RDS), file storage (S3) and notification services (SNS), and Google Maps Api.

This project stopped at an early stage and are not currently maintained.


NNotes - Android App

Android - More than 10,000 downloads -

My first Android App! With NNotes you can create notes, separate them by folders and change whenever you want. And the best, does not need Internet connection, everything is Offline!


Numbers - Android Game

Android - More than 5,000 downloads -

A simple educational game that allows the player improve your abilities in math! The application has 4 game modes, timer or separate shifts, sequential or mathematician. The goal is make many points as you can while race against time.

Work Experience

Head of Development and Technology Tarion-Beck (mid 2017 - current)

A new Fintech in Brazil. Acting as a Head of Technology my responsibility is basically make everything work like a charm and decides what are the best solutions to keep us growing and evolving. As the Head of Development, I need to develop new funcitionalities (i really like it) and make it all easier to the team, removing any barriers that could appear (just a clean path to do the best). We use NodeJS, Angular, SQL, GIT, Lean, Design Thinking and a lot of other things and magic.

Head of Development FCamara (early 2017)

One of the top 10 IT companies to work for in Brazil in 2016. Acting as a Project Manager, my responsibility is to keep everything well during the projects. As the responsible architect, I need to keep things going as best as possible. The team is multidisciplinary, so nobody stays in the same rule or technology during the projects, including me =) Main technologies we use: NodeJS, Angular, MongoDB, Ionic, Android, iOS, and GIT. The methodologies used daily are an approach of Lean and Design Thinking.

Android Engineer & Tech Lead Argo Solutions (late 2015 - early 2017)

The top brazilian company that provides technologies to travel agencies. Mainly as a Android Engineer, my responsibility is to enhance the Android App and help our clients be more connected with the entire travel management solution. Because we're a multidisciplinary team, I need to understand and be part of the process of design and development of the products. Main technologies I used: Android, .NET, AngularJS, SQLServer, NodeJS, MongoDB and TFS. The methodologies used daily are like a mix of Design Thinking, Kanban, PMI and Scrum. They are used in different stages during the whole process.

Software Engineer (early 2014) & Project Leader (early 2015) - Expense Mobi (early 2014 - late 2015)

A brazilian startup that helps companies to manage their expenses and costs. At the begin I worked as Android Engineer, but when the project needs were comming, I assumed the responsibilities to help us keep growing up and then I became the main reference for the startup: architect, engineer, developer, team manager, customers training, support and (sometimes) helps the commercial team. But cycles need to end for new ideas to have their space. Main technologies I used: Android, Java, AWS, Third Part APIs, PHP and AngularJS. As Project Leader, our team used mainly Scrum and XP.

Co-Founder & Developer (Android & Web) - NewGT (mid 2013 - early 2014)

My first try to built a company. I developed some Android Apps (some of then listed above) and web systems. Here I found the real development world and understood the mean of team work (and really pressed for results at a shor period of time). Main technologies I used: Android, Java, PHP, AWS and Google APIs.

Support & Infrastructure Analyst - Mar-Girius Continental (mid 2011 - mid 2013)

A large Industry in Brazil. My daily activities involved Windows and Linux, server and clients support, configuration, maintenance, and administration. Some technologies I used: Active Directory, System Center, network topologies, and thin clients.